Spring/Summer Color Trends 2017

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I just wanted to share something different this time, and with new York Fashion week (Women’s) wrapping up today, I thought I would show the way and see what colors would be trending this Spring/Summer 2017.

I have recently started referring to the “Pantone Fashion color report” for the color trends. We all will be seeing all the spring/summer styles in the market with these colors in 2017. The colors truly express the nature,  some are so vibrant and lively, and some of them are earthly tones and soothing to your eyes. To me, these colors totally express the water, earth, fire and air – the four elements of the world. I have already seen “Primrose Yellow”, “Pale Dogwood” and “Island Paradise” in the Market  a lot and I do own some of the pieces in these shades. I am sure all of us have found at least one favorite color in the palette below. Unlike trends from past few years, we will see a lot more colors this season.

Source – https://www.pantone.com/fashion-color-report-spring-2017

My next post will be about the “styles that are trending spring/summer 2017”.

Stay Tuned!


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