Fall inspired outfits

Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go!

Welcome to my first fall lookbook of the season.

Weather is always unpredictable in the New England area to plan ahead. We went to Vermont this past weekend and even though we booked this trip in advance, we couldn’t really plan anything at all. Before packing for the trip, I looked at the weather and it predicted rainy and foggy day on Saturday and Sunday was showing cloudy and sunny with high temps. Travel Tip – Always check the weather before you start packing.

Outfit 1 –

For day 1, I decided to wear this cozy and comfortable Brown off the shoulder Sweater Dress from Missguided. I bought the size S/M and it has a baggy and oversized look. The earthy color of this dress also complemented the location. Beneath the dress, I wore this beautiful Black Lace Bralette for a color contrast. For extra coziness, I wore OTK Boots from Target. This outfit is perfect for colder weather as well, all you have to do is to add warm stockings/leggings to keep the legs warm.

Outfit 2 –

This day was much warmer than the previous day and I kept the outfit light and breezy. I found this cute Leopard print cami at HM for just $5 and it is currently on sale for $3. Cannot get a better deal than this. I paired this top with silk Burgundy Pleated Midi Skirt from HM as well. Also, added this very chic accessory for fall – my new Taupe Fedora Hat which is from HM as well. I cannot find the link to the skirt and fedora hat online so I have linked similar pieces to them. I also carried Khaki Trench coat with me as it did get chillier in the evening. For a little while, I switched my skirt with yoga pants to do a short hike to Moss Glen Falls.

I have so many more affordable styling ideas. More posts coming your way!

Thanks for reading!

Richa, XO

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