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Boohoo Off the shoulder Skater Dress

I bought this dress long ago but was saving it for some special occasion. I got such a good deal on it and it is very flattering on your body. I wore it on a Christmas Party we hosted. It is under $15 and comes in a few different colors. Boohoo is based in the UK and has various global retailers/brands.

Boohoo Blush Pink Waterfall Coat

This is one of my favorite overcoats I own. The color is beautiful and I received many compliments on this one. A lot of my friends enquired about it so I recently did a detailed post about this product. Here’s the link.

Red Ankle Boots from Zara

This is so far one of the boldest pieces I own and I know it’s a very brave choice. I love how unique it is and without even trying that hard, it transformed my complete outfit. I paired it with jeans and coat and it was nothing ordinary. Read the detailed post here.

Skin Care/ Makeup

Aztec Indian healing clay is an addition to my skincare regime. It is a bentonite clay and I mix it with Apple cider vinegar to clean out my pores and reduce my acne. This clay resembles the one I used back in India. Please do the patch test on your arms or back of the hands if you have sensitive skin.

I have been traveling a lot lately and always carried a big bag of makeup which I didn’t use on the trip. I was looking for a compact palette that has everything in it and all the basics you would need for a trip.  During the Thanksgiving weekend, I made use of Ulta deals and got this amazing Gigi Hadid Maybelline Jetsetter Palette.


I treated myself with this sweet Statement earring set from Bauble bar during Thanksgiving weekend. I love the colors and they are very luxe. It can get very expensive to invest in these kinds of jewelry but I  got a major discount deal on this. Bauble bar also gives 15% off to new customers as well.

Baker Boy Hat

2018 is off to a great start for me, especially on the fashion front. I have made unique choices while picking new clothes or accessories. This ‘baker boy’ hat is one of those – It is so chic and so trendy right now. Works with so many outfits.

I hope you enjoy reading this post!

Richa XO




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